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Caer Falken Inn

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24th July 2004

vilarneseh2:17pm: Treasure from within and without
We have accumulated some paltry sums from kobolds and ghouls. I have given it out as best I may; I trust there shall be no question of my roguish ways.

13th June 2004

kor_uternan8:18pm: Haggling . . . an ancient art
One I'm not entirely versed in, however. That emerald necklace which I was certain would fetch seven score and ten dragons I managed to sell for only three score and ten. In truth the good fellow raised his price by a hundred falcons based on my persuasion, but I am left not knowing if I failed my fellows by not being shrewd enough, or by not having the sharp eye that would better evaluate such a prize. But to my friends, each will gain eight score and fifteen falcons.
Current Mood: disappointed
kor_uternan9:27am: Horseflesh aplenty
The noble lady of Stellari hath requested the milken white steed of our bounty . . . and who could refuse her such a boon? Clearly the largest mount must needs be given unto Rykael for his much-encumbered frame. If Malek expresses a preference he shall have his choice of the remaining animals, as I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

On the morrow I shall take Malek and sell the necklace, as I suspect he may have some skill at negotiations as well.
Current Mood: satisfied
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